Festival 2012 Tour Contest

A tour of our Barn Quilts with a chance to win a fabulous prize! 

It’s kind of like a Poker Run, but with Barn Quilts!

Special Thanks to Marcia & Gary Bell from Thurmont, MD, the winners of our Barn Quilt Tour Contest!  They donated the Friendship Star Barn Quilt to be displayed at the Garrett County Fairgrounds! It’s in memory of Gary’s mother Carolyn Bell, a seamstress, and Marcia’s father Austin E (Eugene) Kemp, a farmer.

The Friendship Star Barn Quilt Prize


How does it work? Join us at the Mosser Road Parking Lot at the Garrett County Fairgrounds between 8:30 and 11:00 am, pay the entry fee of $10 to participate and get your wrist band and tour map.  Visit all 5 barn quilt Tour Contest tour sites (and one bonus site) to pick up your game piece.  Head back to the Festival at the Garrett County Fairgrounds by 3:00 pm to check in.  The winner will be announced once the scores are tallied.

How do I win? At each site you’ll get a quilt square card.  Each square will be worth a set amount of points.  You’ll end up with five (or six, if you do the bonus stop) quilt blocks.  When you get back to the fairgrounds, you’ll be able to find how many points each block is worth.  You use the top five quilt blocks in your “hand”.

What’s the prize?  It’s your very own, 4’x4′ barn quilt!  It’s the “Friendship Star” pattern, hand painted by our volunteers!